How to Get Unbanned From Xbox LIVE

by John-Michael HainesUpdated September 22, 2017 Images

If an Xbox LIVE account holder violates the Terms of Use, Microsoft can choose to ban the user from his account. This is often because the account holder is using a modified Xbox that allows him to pirate files or back them up in an illegal way. Microsoft says, "There is no recourse for Terms of Use violations," meaning it won't remove a suspension or ban on request. However, there is a way to get back on Xbox LIVE.

Remove the hard drive attached to the side of your console. A button located near the top will release the hard drive when pressed.

Buy a new, refurbished, or used Xbox 360 that is completely unmodified.

Remove the hard drive that came with the console you purchased.

Replace the hard drive with the one from your original console.

Set up a new Xbox LIVE account. Your hard drive will keep all your achievements, characters, and saved files.


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