How to Get Easy Mounts on "World of Warcraft"

By Shea Laverty

Updated September 22, 2017

"World of Warcraft" has hundreds of mounts to obtain and ride, many of which require obtaining a high reputation with specific factions or completing achievements. These mounts often take considerable effort and in some cases skill to obtain. For those looking for a nice ride without the extra work, however, there are a few mounts that can be bought, won through completing a dungeon or raid under certain conditions or simply being lucky.

Random Drop Mounts

Most of WoW's most interesting mounts are earned through sheer luck, as a random drop from a specific boss. While this does mean there is a good chance you won't get the mount, many of these can be farmed easily at higher levels. Examples of mounts you can farm include the Raven Lord, White Hawkstrider, Blue and Azure Drakes and the Ashes of A'lar. Not every dungeon or raid has a mount drop, but many do, making them a good way to get some low-effort mounts, as well as transmog gear and gold.

Guaranteed Drop Mounts

Some dungeon or raid runs guarantee a mount will drop if certain conditions are met. Depending on your level and gear, meeting these requirements may require a group. The heroic version of the Culling of Stratholme awards a Bronze Drake if you can beat Infinite Corruptor before the timer runs out. Zul'Aman uses a similar mechanic to award the Amani Battle Bear, requiring you to defeat most of the bosses before the timer expires. The Black and Twlight Drakes are awarded from Obsidian Sanctum in 10 and 25-player mode respectively, by beating Sartharion without killing the three bosses that surround him in the zone.

Vendor Mounts

There are also several mounts you can obtain by spending gold in-game, paying cash at the Blizzard Store or acquiring as part of a promotion. Dalaran's Mei Francis sells a variety of mounts, including a three-seater mammoth with a vendors and repairs. Uncle Bigpocket in Kun-Lai Summit also sells yak mounts, as well as the Grand Expedition Yak, which features vendors and portable transmogrification. The Grand Expedition Yak does cost an astounding 120,000 gold, however. Guild vendors also sell several mounts, so long as your guild has the appropriate achievements unlocked to purchase them.

Cash Store and Promotional Mounts

The Blizzard store is a source of many exotic mounts, all with unique models not found elsewhere in the game. Some have special features, like the Warforged Nightmare, which includes a toy that enables others in your party to temporarily ride Nightmares of their own. Blizzard sometimes offers promotional mounts as well, such as the Hearthsteed. The Hearthsteed is unlocked by winning three random matches of "Hearthstone," a free-to-play online card game developed by Blizzard. Recruit-a-Friend can also be a good source of interesting mounts, earned by recruiting a friend who purchases three months of game time after recruitment.