How to Make "Custom Robo" Work in Dolphin

By Naomi Bolton

Updated September 22, 2017

"Custom Robo" is a 2004 action game released for the Nintendo Gamecube. Players control machines called "Robos" that fight inside the "Holosseum." Owners of the game who are no longer able to play it on their original Gamecube hardware can play the game on a PC emulator called "Dolphin." This emulator can run Gamecube games in ISO format. This is only legal if you own the original disc and should not be used to pirate Gamecube software.

Download the latest version of the "Dolphin" emulator. Extract the contents of the archived file to your hard drive once the download is complete.

Convert your original "Custom Robo" Gamecube disc to an ISO file with "Rawdump." If you do not have the ability to convert your game, download the "Custom Robo" ISO file from an emulation website such as emuparadise.

Place the "Custom Robo" ISO file in the same folder as the "Dolphin" emulator. Double-click the "dolphin.exe" file to start the emulator.

Click "Options" from the "File" menu, and then "Graphic Settings." Click the "General" tab and select "Direct3D11" or "OpenGL." "Custom Robo" does not work with the default "Direct3D9" setting.

Click "Close" and "Options" and "Gamecube Pad Settings." Configure the controls to your liking and click "Close."

Click "Open" at the top-left of the emulation screen and select "Custom Robo" from the file browser. The game will start and be fully playable.