How to Put a Basement Next to a Pool in "The Sims 3"

By Danielle Hansen

Updated September 22, 2017

Building your ideal home, with exciting additions like pools, flowers and roof decals is one of the most exciting and engaging aspects of game-play in the video game series "The Sims." "The Sims 3" allows users even more control over their home designs by adding the ability to create underground basement levels. For an extremely unusual home, try placing a pool next to your Sims basement. This architectural feat requires no cheats, and will not cause glitches.

Enter build mode by clicking the "Build" button on your control panel. Select the pool tool by clicking on the picture of a pool in the left corner above the cutaway house.

Select the perfect location for your Sims pool, then click and drag to create it. Add lights, ladders and any other decor you desire from the pool section of the build menu.

Select the basement tool, which is on the upper right hand corner of the build menu. Hover the mouse near the side of the pool you want facing your basement, one square away from the actual pool wall. Click and drag to create your basement.

Hover the mouse over the leftmost point on the patch of grass between your pool and basement. Hold down the Ctrl button, then click and drag, selecting the entire patch. Release the mouse button to delete.

Release the Ctrl key and repeat, clicking and dragging until the patch of grass between the pool and basement is entirely green. Your basement is now directly next to the pool.


Place windows on the wall separating your basement and pool for a stunning downstairs view. You may need to turn object placement by holding down Ctrl, Shift and C, then typing "moveobjects on" and pressing enter.


Make sure you stay at ground level while attempting to place your basement and pool.