How to Get Unlimited Money in "IMO: The World of Magic"

By Brenda Priddy

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Computer

  • Internet connection

"IMO: The World of Magic" is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game, designed as an app for the iPhone and iPod. In this game, you control a character from a fantasy universe. You can kill enemies and complete quests to level up your character, which makes it more powerful. You must have money to purchase better items for game play. While there is no instant way to make money in the game, there is a method of collecting large sums of money quickly. If you use this method over and over, you will eventually have a near-unlimited supply of cash.

Kill kooiis from levels 1 to 3. They drop tons of items you can sell at the secret shop.

Visit the secret shop located next to the potion salesperson Hana. The secret shop pays 2.5 times more for items than any other NPC player in the game.

Kill Donguris at level 4, and leaf boars and angry leaf boards at level 5. From levels 6 to 7, kill flower and mushroom elementals. After level 7, kill swamp boars.

Continue to kill these enemies and sell their dropped items at the secret shop, until you have collected 30,000 gold pieces.

Find someone in the main lobby of the game selling a premium ticket. The ticket will allow you to visit the black trader, who allows sales between players. This often results in a much higher price than you get at the secret shop. Most players will sell a premium ticket for around 20,000 gold pieces.

Double-click on the premium ticket after the sale, to become a premium member of the game. Visit the black trader for sales, after activating your premium account.