How to Beat Level 3 on "Casualty"

By Bryan Roberts

Updated September 22, 2017

"Casualty" is an online flash game in which players must kill every stick figure in an area using as little time as possible. The third level of this game takes place on a military base featuring a watchtower, several explosive barrels and a truck. By setting certain events in motion at the right time, you can easily complete the level.

Click the watchtower, causing it to shine its light around the base and on a stick figure. This stick figure will walk to a set of barrels and tip a barrel over. This stick figure will then walk up to a set of two barrels. Click these barrels when the stick figure is close to them to kill him.

Click the lever under the guard booth when the truck approaches the site to raise the guard bar. Click the lever again to break it and drop the guard bar on the truck, forcing it to crash into a barrel and explode.

Click on a stick figure holding an object when he emerges with another stick figure. He will drop the object, and the two stick figures will begin talking.

Click on the boxes next to the watchtower as the two stick figures are talking. The stick figures will throw a grenade at the watchtower, destroying it. The stick figures will also be destroyed by falling debris from the watchtower, thus completing the level.