How to Close Your Restaurant in "Restaurant Story"

By Neal Litherland

Updated September 22, 2017

"Restaurant Story" is an online game that can be played via any Android phone able to download all 14.2 megabytes of the program. You take on the role of a restaurant owner who opens a small restaurant, cooks dishes and serves up tasty meals to the public. If you want to close your restaurant though, you're going to have to get a little more creative with the options in the game.

Put a piece of furniture in front of the door to your restaurant. If you have a piece of furniture in front of the door, then new customers can't come into your restaurant and you can take a break for a bit. This is a simple way to temporarily close.

Don't serve up any new food. Once you've put food up on the counter, it won't spoil. Only food that's cooking will spoil. You can either block customers from coming in, or you can simply not serve them while you're taking a break. This may bring down your reputation and upset some customers, but you won't need to pay attention to the game while there's no food being made.

Erase your account and delete the game. "Restaurant Story" doesn't have a "start over" option, so if you want a more permanent closure you need to delete your account and start over with a new one when you want to play the game again. This is a solution that should only be used when you're going to take a very long hiatus, because it eliminates everything you've accomplished.


Food left on the counter while you have no customers will still disappear, but you won't make much money on returns for it.