How to Get a Low Availability Game From Gamefly

By Edmund Lukavics

Updated September 22, 2017

"Gamefly" is a rent-by-mail gaming service which allows customers to have unlimited time with a game title of their choice in exchange for paying a monthly membership fee. In situations where the rental demand for a specific title is high, "Gamefly" will list that game's rental status as "Low Availability." This notifies customers that there is a great potential that a copy of that game will not be available for rent for some time. There are several steps you can take to help speed up the time it takes for you to receive a "Low Availability" game title.

Add the "Low Availability" game to your rental queue before the game's release date, if possible. This will increase the likelihood that a copy will be available for you immediately upon release.

Remove all other games from your rental queue. This will help avoid "Gamefly" sending you a different game first.

Mail back any games you currently have in your possession a week before the "Low Availability" title is released. Unless your plan includes multiple rental titles, "Gamefly" requires that they have possession of the old game before sending any new ones.

Wait for the game to arrive. Once you have taken the prior steps, you must simply wait for "Gamefly" to mail you a copy.