How to Fix DS Emulator Lag

by Sara BaileyUpdated September 28, 2017

Lag often occurs during software emulation. This is sometimes the case during gameplay on DS emulators. Lag slows everything on the DS emulator window down and makes some games nearly unplayable. Fixing this problem means changing a few settings around for the video playback of the DS emulator.

Open the DS emulator on the computer it has been installed on.

Click the "Config" option on the top of the DS emulator window. Click the "3D Settings" option from the context menu.

Click the "Renderer" button and click the "SoftRasterizer" option from the pull-down menu.

Click the empty boxes next to the "Unrealistically High-Precision Interpolation," "Enable Edge Marking," Enable Fog" and "Enable Textures" options to enable them. A check mark should fill up the boxes when enabled.

Click the "OK" option to save the "3D Settings" and return to the main DS emulator window. The next time you start a game, the lag will be gone.


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