How to File a Complaint With Yahoo!

By Damarious Page

Updated September 28, 2017

Yahoo! Inc. was founded in the mid-1990s, and since then the company has grown to develop and support numerous products and services for customers worldwide. As an individual user, however, you might only use a few of Yahoo!'s offerings, including Yahoo! Mail as your dedicated email client and Yahoo! Shopping as one of your online marketplaces. Also, any Internet surfer can use the Yahoo! search engine. If you have problems with the aforementioned Yahoo! properties, you have specific routes for lodging complaints because it is important that your concerns reach the right department for help.

Click the "Spam" button at the top of a junk email in your Yahoo! Mail inbox, if you want to complain about an unsolicited message. This function automatically reports the junk email to Yahoo!. The email development and support team will monitor messages from the junk email sender and make adjustments in the background as Yahoo! sees fit. You generally do not need to do anything else to file the Spam complaint and you probably won't receive any direct replies from Yahoo! customer care regarding the matter. This junk email feature is only available to paid Yahoo! Mail and business customers.

Fill out the "Yahoo! Small Business Abuse Form," if you feel a Yahoo!-hosted website is including defamatory information about you. Include the complete web address, as well as specific references to links or files on the Web page. Thoroughly describe the complaint and provide any other pertinent details. You may need to have an existing Yahoo! ID of your own before you can submit the Web-based form.

Write a correspondence letter about copyright and intellectual property infringement and then forward your complaint to Yahoo!'s Agent For Notice. For example, if one of your pictures appear in Yahoo! Image search engine results without permission, you can submit a complaint to the company for immediate removal. Consider hiring a trained litigator or attorney to draft the complaint letter for you. Yahoo! requests at least six pieces of information in the correspondence, which you can send by phone, fax, email or snail mail. Navigate to Yahoo!'s "Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy" page for details.

Fill out the Web-based "Yahoo! Shopping Help Form" to complain about a merchant with which you have placed an order online. If you feel the merchant has violated Yahoo!'s Terms of Service to customers, you can have a Yahoo! Customer Service Agent look into the business.


The contact number for the Billing department at Yahoo! is 866-562-7228.

Deaf and hearing impaired individuals can report abuse using TTY services at 866-438-1601.