What Is the Cheat to Get a Boat or Jet Ski or Spawn a Jet Ski for "GTA: San Andreas" for PS2?

By Ryan Heiser

Updated September 22, 2017

Spawn codes allow gamers to obtain any vehicle easily in
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Are you tired of combing the sprawling landscapes of "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" in search of the watercraft of your dreams? Spawn codes let players generate any land, sea or air vehicle at any point in the game. Vehicles spawn in the direction the main character is facing. Control schemes vary depending on vehicle type.


The Vortex hovercraft is a dual land and water vehicle that players can spawn on any flat or semi-flat surface. To spawn the Vortex hovercraft, move CJ to an open area. Use the control stick to make sure CJ is facing away from any buildings or potential obstructions. Press "Triangle," "Triangle," "Square," "Circle," "X," "L1," "L2," "Down," "Down" to spawn the Vortex hovercraft in front of CJ. Press "Triangle" to enter the vehicle.


The Jetmax is the fastest watercraft in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," perfect for high-speed chases and escapes. To spawn the Jetmax, move CJ next to a clear body of water. Use the control stick to ensure CJ is facing away from any potential obstructions, such as land, other boats or docks. Press "Down," "R2," "Down," "R1," "L2," "Left," "R1," "L1," "Left," "Right" to spawn the Jetmax in front of CJ. Press "Triangle" to enter the vehicle.


The Squallo is a long, sleek speedboat that is only slightly slower than the Jetmax, and is also a good option for high-speed encounters with your enemies. To spawn the Squallo, players must first earn a silver medal at the Bayside Marina Boat School. Once a silver medal has been earned, the Squallo will self-spawn at the Bayside Marina. Other spawn locations include under the Garver Bridge in San Fierro and near Gant Bridge at San Fierro Bay.


The Reefer is a shipping and fishing boat that is useful for general transportation. It is a slow vehicle and not a good option for high-speed theatrics. The Reefer is docked at several easy-to-reach locations in San Andreas. Many can be located in the Los Santos Inlet and Las Venturas coastal areas. Other spawn locations include Esplanade North and Palisades in San Fierro and Ocean Docks in Los Santos.