How to Find a Product by the Barcode Numbers

By Jordan Sellas

Updated September 28, 2017

With Internet access, looking up items by barcode number is a simple process.
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Barcodes are universal numerical codes that allow manufacturers, retailers and consumers to identify a specific product. In the past, barcodes were generally only used by retailers, but with the rise of the Internet, consumers can now more easily access barcode information from their home computers. If you have an item with no labels but a barcode, using barcode finders will allow you to determine the exact name of the product and the manufacturer that created it.

Identifying the Item Through a Database

Navigate your Web browser to one of the many websites that look up products by their Universal Product Code (UPC) digits. There are several sites that provide this service for free.

Type the barcode of the product in question into the search box of the UPC finder website. Each website is slightly different, but most require every number from left to right to be entered in order to get the correct product.

Press the search button. This action should take you to a new screen that either shows the product name and manufacturer or explains that the UPC could not be identified. If this occurs, check to make sure you put the correct numbers in sequence into the search box. If you are still unable to get any results, the alternative would be to use a search engine.

Identifying the Item Through a Search Engine

Navigate your wWeb browser to a reputable search engine website. The more popular engines will most likely yield better search results.

Type the UPC numbers into the search box. The number should be written from left to right exactly as it appears below the barcode.

Press the search button. Your search may yield results from the manufacturer itself or a website that sells the item. This alternative covers any other websites that may contain the UPC in text.