How Do I Get Espeon in "Pokemon: Liquid Crystal"

By Branden Barrett

Updated September 22, 2017

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Eevee has always been the most unusual creature in the Pokemon world. It's a Pokemon that can evolve into seven other creatures depending on the circumstance. While Eevee's first three iterations evolve based on an elemental stone, the psychic creature Espeon evolves in a slightly more complicated matter. To get Espeon in the "FireRed/LeafGreen" PC mod known as "Liquid Crystal," you use the same method that you would use if you were playing "Pokemon Gold," "Silver" or "Crystal."

Travel to Ecruteak City's Pokemon Center, where you will meet Bill. After you speak to him, he will travel back to his home in Goldenrod City. Before you leave the center, go over to the PC and deposit one of your Pokemon. The next time you talk with Bill, you will need to have five or fewer Pokemon in your party.

Enter Bill's home in Goldenrod City and talk to him again. If you have five or fewer Pokemon in your party, he will give you an Eevee.

Raise Eevee's happiness by making sure to have it in your party, using it in battle and giving it vitamins from the Goldenrod City Department Store. Eevee evolves into Espeon if it has max happiness and evolves during the day, from 4 a.m. to 6 p.m. A Pokemon gains happiness for every 256 steps you take, so using the bike is a surefire way of speeding up the process.

Visit the house above the bike shop in Goldenrod City to find out how close your Eevee is to maximum happiness. Speak to the lady inside with Eevee as your party leader, and she will let you know how happy your Pokemon is. If she says your Eevee "must love you a lot," it is at max happiness.

Have your Eevee battle against nearby Pokemon or trainers. The next time it levels up, it will evolve into the psychic Pokemon Espeon.


Espeon has one of the highest Special Attack stats in the game, making it incredibly formidable as an offensive type. Espeon has the capability to learn a lot of diverse TMs.
Use Espeon against fighting- and poison-type Pokemon for maximum effectiveness.


If you want Espeon, be sure you don't give it an elemental stone or evolve it at night. Doing so will make it evolve into a different creature.