How to Get all Yearbook Pictures in "Bully"

By Candice Coleman

Updated September 22, 2017

In the video game "Bully," Jimmy Hopkins finds himself at the prestigious boarding school Bullworth Academy after his expulsion from every other school he has attended. Between his adventures pursuing girls on campus, attending classes and defeating his own bullies, Jimmy must compile all of the photographs for Bullworth Academy's yearbook. Once he completes the yearbook, Jimmy earns the Black Ninja Outfit, which provides him with greater stealth.

Complete Chapter 1 of the "Bully" storyline. This will unlock Chapter II and the mission "Hattrick vs. Galloway." Players can participate in the mission between 8 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Speak to Galloway in the English classroom in Bullworth's main campus building to start the mission. Afterward, speak to Ms. Phillips, the photography teacher, beside the broken-down school bus to the right of Bullworth's main campus building. This will unlock photography classes and the camera.

Attend photography classes, which are from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Day 3 in the art classroom of Bullworth's main campus building. Complete the first class. In the second class, you must take pictures of any three students.

Push up on the "D" pad to activate the camera. Press "L1" to select a student and "R1" to take a student's photograph. Once all three pictures are taken, the player completes the second photography class and unlocks the yearbook.

Move around campus and take photos of every student you see. Nerds include Algernon, Beatrice, Cornelius, Donald, Fatty, Melvin and Thad. Most nerds wear white dress shirts, glasses and green blazers. Little kids on campus include Sheldon, Gloria, Pedro, Melody and Karen.

Take photos of all of the greasers, bullies and preppies on campus. Bullies include Davis, Ethan, Russell, Tom, Wade, Troy and Trent. The greasers include Hal, Lefty, Lola, Lucky, Norton, Peanut, Ricky and Vance. Preppies on campus include Bif, Bryce, Chad, Derby, Gord, Justin, Parker, Pinky and Tad.

Get photographs of all jocks and cheerleaders as you move around campus. The jocks include Bo, Casey, Damon, Dan, Juri, Kirby and Luis. Mandy is the school's only cheerleader. Head off campus to get the only townie in the yearbook, a redhead named Zoe.

Take pictures of students not affiliated with cliques, such as Angie, Christy, Constantinos, Eunice, Gordon, Ivan, Lance, Ray and Trevor. Jimmy's photograph, along with Petey's, is included in the yearbook once it is unlocked.

Complete missions and move through the storylines of "Bully" to get photographs of main characters added to the yearbook. Boss fights that unlock pictures include a battle against the Preppie leader, Derby, and the Nerd leader, Earnest. Players must also fight the Greasers' leader, Johnny, and the Jocks' leader, Ted. Complete Chapter 5 to get a photo of Petey's bully, Gary.


A total of 61 people appear in the Bullworth yearbook. Check the yearbook periodically to see which students you have already captured on film.

Some students only appear in certain locations. Justin predominantly appears in boxing matches. The player can enter boxing matches and follow Justin around the ring afterward to get his snapshot.

Preppies often have short-cropped hair and wear blue blazers. Jocks wear athletic attire, such as baseball caps. Greasers sport slicked-back hair and leather jackets.

After unlocking the Black Ninja Outfit you can change into it at any save point.