How to Convert ECM to PBP

by Alizarin BlackUpdated September 22, 2017

Many gamers are taking advantage of new technology in video gaming, such as disc image files that contain the exact game data from an original video game. ECM is a type of disc image file that contains data from the original game disc. PBP, or EBOOT, is a game file used to install "homebrew" games and PSP game demos to a handheld video game console. These disc images can be played on a real video game console. You can convert ECM to PBP with a PBP converter.

Simple PopStation GUI

Download and install "Simple PopStation GUI" (available in the "Resources" section of this article).

Open "Simple PopStation GUI" from your desktop.

Click the "Browse" button next to "PSX Image File" to add the ECM to "Simple PopStation GUI." Click "Open" to complete this task.

Click the "Select" button next to "Output Folder" to choose a place on your PC to save the PBP. Click "Open" to complete this task.

Click the "Go" button to convert ECM to PBP. Depending on the size of the ECM, this process may take several minutes.

Impaler PSX eBoot Creator

Download the "Impaler PSX eBoot Creator" zip file from the "Resources" section.

Unzip "Impaler PSX eBoot Creator," and then double click the "Impaler PSX eBoot Creator" icon to open the software.

Click "..." next to "Disk 1 ISO" to add an ECM to "Impaler PSX eBoot Creator." Click "Open" to complete this task.

Type a name for the PBP in the files that says "Game Title." Click "Search" to complete this task. The name of the PBP is the name of the folder where the PBP is stored after you convert it.

Click "CREATE!" to begin converting ECM to PBP.


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