How to Find the Hidden Path in "Virtual Families"

By Chris Waller

Updated September 22, 2017

A computer simulation game that you can download and play on the PC or Mac, "Virtual Families puts you in control of various families that live and work in a virtual neighborhood. As each family grows, you can add new items to the home to make it more comfortable for the family. There is a cheat called the "Hidden Path" that allows you to sneak into another family's house to take items for your own.

Start the game as you normally would. When you get to the family selection screen, choose a family that has a home that is directly adjacent to the family that you want to take items from. The two houses must share a boarder in order for the hidden path cheat to work properly.

Click on one of the family members in the home to select her. Move the character into the backyard of the house and move next to the tree that is far back in the yard. It will be behind the pool if you have one. Click on the area above the blue box with your characters face multiple times until the character begins to move outside of the yard.

Keep clicking in this spot. As you click, the player will continue to move slowly and you will lose the ability to move the mouse. Continue to click until the character moves into the next yard. You will then regain control over the mouse and be able to move the character into the next house.

Click on an object that you want to take and the character will grab it. Click on the bushes between the house and the original house and the character will drop the item in the bushes. Place all of the items you want into the bushes, and move the character back in the direction of the original house.

Continue clicking as you did in Step 3, and the character will eventually move into her original yard. Once you are able to use the mouse again, click on an item in the bushes to pick it up and place it where you want in the house.