How to Convert RAR to ISO for PSP

By Sara Bailey

Updated September 22, 2017

RAR archives hold different files inside of them. Much like a ZIP file, the RAR file can actually compress the files inside to make the RAR file itself smaller. When the inside files are extracted, they return to the original file size. Video games are often saved as RAR archives as the game files can be quite large. PSP games can be played in the ISO format, and converting/extracting the ISO file from the RAR archive is straightforward with the right conversion program.

Download and install an RAR archive file extractor onto your computer. UnRAR, WinRAR and 7-zip are all popular choices.

Right-click the RAR file that has the ISO file archived inside and a context menu comes up.

Select the "Extract" or "Extract all" option from the context menu. A new file browsing window comes up.

Select a place to save the ISO file from the file browsing window and click "OK." The RAR file is opened using the RAR archive program you installed and the ISO file is extracted out of it.

Insert the PSP memory card into the computer's memory card adapter and right-click the ISO file that was extracted from the RAR file.

Click the "Copy" option from the context menu and right-click the "ISO" folder found on the PSP memory card. Click "Paste" to save the ISO file onto the PSP memory card.

Pull the PSP memory card out of the computer and insert it back into the PSP. The ISO file creates an icon on the PSP menu. Select the icon to play the game on the PSP.