How to Fix a Wii Nunchuck The Keeps Moving Left

By A.J. Hawkins

Updated September 22, 2017

The Nintendo Wii Remote nunchuk may develop a problem where it moves constantly in one direction. This problem can make it difficult or even impossible to play some games. Before you go spend money on a new nunchuk, first troubleshoot the controller and recalibrate it. Recalibrating a Wii remote nunchuk is very simple and will usually solve any problems with the joystick moving on its own.

Unplug the Wii remote nunchuk from the bottom of the remote controller. Do this while the system is turned on and a game using the nunchuk is loaded.

Set down the nunchuk with the joystick facing up. Make sure the joystick is directly in the central, neutral position and do not touch it. If the joystick is being held in a different position when you recalibrate it, it will recalibrate that position as the new neutral position. This can cause the controller to always move in one direction, such as left.

Plug the nunchuk back into the Wii remote controller, making sure the joystick is still in the neutral position. The controller will recognize the nunchuk and should reset it back to its original position.