How to Gain Liberty in "Tropico"

By Alicia Yamashita

Updated September 22, 2017

"Tropico" for the PC, developed by PopTop Software, is a simulation game that focuses on politics and civilization development. Of the nine factors in the game that you must pay attention to in order to keep your population happy, liberty is one that is easy to decrease but not quite so easy to increase. Liberty governs your peoples' sense of freedom under your rule.

Purchase the television station "BBC" for $15,000. It will increase your liberty by approximately 30 percent for anyone in range of receiving the broadcast. Television stations require a 15MW Electricity Power Plant to operate.

Purchase the radio station "Radio Free Tropico" for $10,000 as well to increase your liberty, this time by closer to 20 percent for in-range populations. Radio stations require only a 10MW Electricity Power Plant to operate.

Become elected as a socialist, fascist or capitalist, or take power in a military coup, for a boost in liberty. Each of these titles awards a 20 percent increase in liberty.


The Sensitivity Training will reduce the penalty on liberty that comes with a high number of policemen, which will help your liberty score.