How to Troubleshoot "Buck Hunter"

By Kayla Layne Crawford

Updated September 22, 2017

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"Big Buck Hunter" is the title of a series of first-person shooter hunting games. Each title features different animals to hunt and locations. The series has a large following, and national tournaments are popular among "Big Buck Hunter" aficionados. The most popular platform for games in the "Big Buck Hunter" series is arcade consoles. Like with a lot of electronic arcade games, you may run into some problems.

Picture and Sound Problems

Determine if your arcade console's screen has no picture, a scrambled picture, if the colors are washed out or any other problem with the viewing aspect of the game.

Make sure SW-5 switches are in the correct positions, the power bypass cable is installed correctly and there are good connections from the board's video outputs to the monitor's video inputs. Check if the video card cable is connected to the main PCB. If none of these fix the problem of not having a picture, run a power-up test by holding the "Start" button during power-up. Watch for LED Status 1 and a flash code and check all hard drive connections.

Check the sync connection if the picture is scrambled and check the cable connections if the colors on the screen are washed out. Adjusting the console's monitor can also help correct problems regarding the picture.

Check the speaker connections if the console has no sound. If the speakers are properly connected and there is still no sound, check for +12 VDC power on the board and the volume setting in the "Operators Adjustable" section of the Operator Mode.

Gun Problems

Check if the gun is not being recognized by the arcade console by inspecting the connections. If the gun is still not being recognized, it may need to be replaced.

Clean the monitor and gun if it fails to hit targets. Do not use cleaning fluids near the gun's barrel. Glare or excessive lighting may also cause the gun to not hit targets correctly. Adjust the position of the arcade console to eliminate this problem.

Use the game software to adjust the calibration of the gun if it is still failing to hit targets properly.


There are many "Big Buck Hunter" consoles; your model may be set up differently. Check your operator's manual if some troubleshooting tips do not work.