How to Make My Ceiling Higher in "The Sims 3"

By Michelle Varsallona

Updated September 22, 2017

One of the major attractions of “The Sims 3,” and the previous “Sims” virtual reality games, is the fact that you can fully decorate and design your Sim's home. To give your home some more class, try raising the ceiling. This will make the home look bigger from inside and out. While you are adjusting the height of your ceiling and roof, you also can change the color and style of your roof, which will change the shape of your ceiling inside the home, as well.

Click on “Build Mode” in the options panel.

Click on the “Roofs” option.

Click “On” under “Autoroof” to view the roof of your Sim's home.

Slide the “Adjust Roof Height” bar to the right to increase the height of the roof and ceiling.