How to Make Your Own GMOD Character

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • GCFScape

  • Photo editing software

"Garry's Mod," or "GMod," is a sandbox-style computer game that utilizes the Source engine of "Half-Life 2." This allows players to use objects and characters from the "Half-Life 2" series and other Valve games to create any contraption or scenario they desire. Players can create their own character models or skins to use in "GMod" by editing default game files. To open "GMod" game files, you will need a program called GCFScape.

Load GCFScape (see Resources) and open your "GMod" installation directory. Open the Steamapps folder and locate the file "source materials.gcf." Double-click the file to load it through GCFScape.

Browse the model or skin directory to find a suitable character type to use. Right-click to save and extract the model file to a different location on your computer.

Open the model or skin file with your photo editing software.

Edit the character model however you want. Change the color scheme of the model and re-create it with the photo editing tools.

Save and close the file when you are done. Return to your "GMod" installation path through GCFScape and copy the file into the models folder. Close GCFScape and load "GMod" to find your newly created character.