How to Get Into Sander Cohen's Secret Room in "BioShock"

By Nicholas Schrandt

Updated September 22, 2017

As players adventure through the underwater city of Rapture in the game "BioShock," they will encounter numerous characters that once played vital roles in the city's function. One such character is the crazed Sander Cohen, who was once an accomplished artist and musician in Rapture but has since lost his sanity completely. In the Olympus Heights area, players will be able to enter Cohen's home and find his secret room, where they can acquire a useful weapon upgrade, some rare ammunition and a special achievement.

Complete the tasks that Cohen assigns to you in the Fort Frollic area where you first encounter him. When that is done, Sander Cohen will come out to personally congratulate you, giving you a chance to kill him. Let him live and continue through the game.

Find Cohen's apartment when you arrive at Olympus Heights much later in the game. Head straight down the main street where you first enter the area until you find the Mercury Suites section. His apartment is located on the east side of the area.

Enter the apartment and find the two splicers dancing to the music in the main hall. Kill them both to invoke Sander's anger and draw him out of hiding.

Fight and kill Sander Cohen. He is a powerful Houdini splicer, which means he can teleport around the room and throw powerful fire balls at you. Use anti-personal rounds to deal extra damage to him and catch his fire attacks with your Telekinesis ability and throw them back at him to deal large amounts of fire damage.

Search Cohen's body when he has been slain and go up the stairs from which he came down. His secret room will be unlocked and ready for you to take what you want from it.


Don't miss the two achievements/trophies related to this section of the game. Get them both by visiting the second floor of Cohen's apartment and taking a picture of his corpse after he is dead.


If Sander Cohen is fought and killed at Fort Frollic, his secret room will become permanently inaccessible.