How to Install Brawl Minus

By Aisha Cox

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PC-compatible SD card (any size)

  • Nintendo Wii with 4.2 menu system

  • Wii remote

One of the many modified versions of the game Super Smash Bros., Brawl Minus is available only on the Nintendo Wii. With Brawl Minus, play with your favorite characters under new rules with fiercer attacks, higher damages and expanded move sets. Before you install Brawl Minus, the Homebrew Channel must be installed on your Wii.

Installing the Homebrew Channel

Load up a SD card on your computer. Download the Bannerbomb exploit and the HackMii installer onto the SD card (see Resource 2). Go to the HackMii file and rename the program “installer.elf” as “boot.elf”.

Turn on your Wii with the SD card inside. Go to the “SD Card Menu” and click “Yes” on the pop-up that appears. Press “1” on your Wii remote to continue.

Click on “Install the Homebrew Channel.” Wait for the installation to automatically complete. Do not install any additional files. Exit and delete the “boot.elf” file when completion.

Installing Brawl Minus

Create a folder called “apps” on the SD card. Then look in the list of existing folders for an .exe file and rename it to boot.elf (or boot.dol if it is a .dol file). This is needed to run Brawl Minus.

Install Brawl Minus from its official download site (see Resource 1). Copy all files onto the SD card.

Open the Homebrew Channel and start up Gecko OS to run Brawl Minus.


If the message “There is no known vulnerable IOS installed on this Wii” pops up after installing the HackMii Installer, you might be using an older version, or something is wrong with your IOS. See Resource 3 to troubleshoot and fix the issue.