How to Fix Corrupted Game Saves on Xbox 360

By Louise Wellington

Updated September 22, 2017

There are times when game and downloadable content will not load on your Xbox 360. Corruption can result from problems such as incomplete downloads or disturbances while saving. According to Microsoft, corrupted game files will be labeled as “Corrupted Content” within the system memory, alongside a yellow exclamation point. While you will not be able to recover your current game status, fixing the game file will allow you to access the game.

Turn on your Xbox 360 by pressing the circular power button on the front of the console.

Delete the corrupted game file by accessing the system memory. To find the file, select “My Xbox,” followed by “System Settings,” then “Memory” and “Games.” Scroll through the files until you find the one causing the problem, and choose “Delete.”

Confirm your selection by selecting “Yes.”

Reinstall the game if it is an Xbox LIVE game by logging into your Xbox LIVE account and choosing to re-download the game.


In order to fix the game, you will need to delete your game file. This will also erase your data files. Perform these steps only if you are sure your game is corrupted.