How to Split Up Inventory Items in "Minecraft"

By Joshua Phillips

Updated September 22, 2017

The video game "Minecraft" allows you to mine the environment and store all items you find into an inventory with limited space. Items are placed into stacks, which allow you to add more than one item to one space in an inventory. For example, you can store 64 blocks of sand in one inventory slot. Over the course of the game, eventually you must split a stack, whether it is to create an item or give a set number of items to a friend. Splitting an inventory stack is accomplished directly from your inventory and can be done in two different ways.

Press "I" on your keyboard to open your inventory.

Right-click the item you want to split. When right-clicked, the item splits in half. For example, right-clicking on a stack of 20 sand blocks splits the sand into two stacks of 10 sand blocks apiece.

Left-click the inventory stack to hold it. Right-click any open spot in your inventory to place just one item there. For example, left-clicking a stack of 20 sand blocks and right-clicking an empty spot in your inventory places only one sand block there, allowing you to split your stack one at a time.