How to Do Level 29 on "B-Cubed"

By John Johnston

Updated September 22, 2017

B-Cubed is an online math game aimed at improving the spacial awareness of children. The game requires you to move a yellow cube over a series of white cubes to reach the red end cube. To complete each level, the yellow cube must move across all of the white cubes before reaching the red cube. Level 29 also contains light blue cubes that transport the yellow cube to a different area of the grid.

Open up your Internet browser and navigate to the Cool Math-Games website. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see "Top Games." Click on "B-Cubed," which is number one on the list.

Click on the "Start" button then work your way through the levels until you reach level 29.

Move the yellow cube four spaces up then one to the right so that it lands on the first light blue cube.

Go four spaces to the right then move up two and one to the left. Move down one space to land on another light blue square.

Move three spaces down and two to the right. Move one space down then one space to the left to step on another blue square.

Go one space to the right, one space down then one space to the left. Repeat this process again. Move two spaces down and step on another blue square.

Move one space down and three to the right. Move another space down then one to the right. Move two spaces down, three to the left, one up then one to the right to step on a light blue square.

Go down three squares to another blue cube. Move down one, right one, up two then left one to step on a blue square.

Move left one, down two, right one then up one to step on the red square and complete the level.