How to Make Player Models for GMod

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Photo editing software

  • GCFScape

"GMod" is a computer game that uses the Half Life 2 engine to give players unlimited freedom within the game world. Players create whatever contraptions, vehicles or scenarios they can think of using the creative tools and objects in game. In-game, a player may choose a model to represent himself, summon non-player characters (NPCs) or ragdolls of various models. To create your own "GMod" models, you will need a picture editor and a program called GCFScape to extract game models.

Load GCFScape and open your "GMod" installation path, locate the Steamapps folder and find the "source materials.gcf" file.

Browse the Half Life 2 model filesin the directory "hl2/materials/models", and right-click to extract and save the model type you wish. Save the model type to a different file on your computer.

Load your photo editing software and open the model file from Step 2.

Edit the model however you desire. Using the coloring options and photo editing tools to recreate the model.

Save the file and and copy it in to your Steam directory with GCFScape. For example, if you made a human male model, you will save the file into the "Steam/steamapps/garrysmod /materials/models/humans/male" directory.

Close GCFScape and load "GMod" to test your new model.