How to Copy Pants on Roblox

By Breann Kanobi

Updated September 22, 2017

Roblox, a website where children play games and message each other, includes a number of clothing items from arm bands to pants. Though many clothing items are free, others cost Roblox tickets or Robox, the two currencies used by the website. If you wish to dress your avatar in a pair of pants, without paying for the item, copy the item and add it to your wardrobe. To add an item to your Roblox wardrobe, you must be a member of the Builder's Club.

Visit, log into your account and click the "Catalog" button.

Click on any of the options under "Browse" to launch the Category filter. Scroll below "Category" and click on the "Pants" link.

Look through the selection of pants until you locate the pair you wish to copy. Click on thumbnail of the pants to visit the item's page.

Place your cursor in the "URL" bar, at the end of the URL. Note the number that appears at the end of the URL and press the "Backspace" key. Replace the number with a number that is one lower. For example, replace the id "123" with "122." This launches the Template page.

Right-click on the template and click on "Save Image As." Enter the name "Copied Pants" and click "Save."

Open an image-editing program such as Microsoft Paint, GIMP or Photoshop. Press the keyboard shortcut of "Ctrl" and "O" and locate the file "Copied Pants."

Click on the "Resize" option. In most image-editing programs, this option exists in the "Image" menu, under "Image Size." Enter the size 585 pixels by 589 pixels and click "OK."

Click the "File" menu and select "Save As." Enter the name "New Pants" and click "Save."

Upload the pants to Roblox, if desired. Visit the "My Wadrobe" page of Roblox, located under "My Roblox." Click on "Create" and select "Browse." Highlight "New Pants" and click "OK." Click on the Item to dress your character in the pants.


Never sell another user's item in the Catalog.

Many Roblox users frown on item copying.