How to Use an Android Phone as a Wi-Fi Modem for Xbox

By Bryan Clark

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • Smartphone with Android 2.2 or better

  • Tethering software

  • Xbox

As more people purchase smart phones they are looking for new and interesting ways to put them to use rather than the normal email, Web browsing, and social networking applications. One popular use is to turn the phone into a wireless modem. With some simple software, the phone becomes an Internet connection for use with other electronics. You can even attach your Xbox to the Internet through your phone, which allows you to play on the Xbox network.

Use the built-in application “Android Wi-Fi Tether” to turn the phone into a wireless router. This application requires a “rooted” phone, meaning you have access to additional aspects of the operating system. The easiest way to “root” your phone is to install a free application “Universal Androot” available free from multiple third-party online resources. Note that rooting your phone may void its warranty and may be difficult to use for the average user.

Find a “tethering” application on the Android market. Several android applications convert your phone into a wireless router. Search applications market with the word “tether” and choose from the available applications. Choose the one that fits your needs and price range. Download and install following the software instructions (see Resources).

Verify that you have an Xbox 360 with built-in wireless capability or a wireless adapter for an older Xbox 360.

Turn on your Xbox 360.

Go “My Xbox.” If your screen includes an avatar with a long-sleeved jacket, select “System Settings” then “Network Settings.” If your Xbox screen includes an avatar with a t-shirt on, select “System Settings,” then choose “Network Settings,” and finally “Configure Network.” Click the “Basic Settings” tab and select “Wireless Mode” then select “Scan for Networks” and select your network's name.

Enter the name of the wireless network created by the tethering application.

Enter the password for this network.

Select “Test Xbox Live Connection,” if you have a "My Xbox” screen with the avatar wearing a t-shirt.

Select “Yes,” if asked whether you want to update the console’s software.