Cheats for "Ganguro Girls" V 1.5

By Martin Cole

Updated September 22, 2017

The ganguro fashion trend was popular in Japan around the turn of the millennium. Young women in the country would put on colorful clothing and makeup, bleach their hair and tan their skin. "Ganguro girls" is the name for the women who followed the trend. The Internet game “Ganguro Girls V 1.5” challenges you to date a selection of these women. Cheats and tricks are available that can help you achieve your goals.

Get Dumped

It can be hard to split up with a girl and remain friends in “Ganguro Girl.” To make matters a little easier, a cheat makes your girlfriend break up with you. Click on “Password” in the main menu and then type “c2okquy” to break up with Saori Nako. Enter “8HNcgZq” to split up with Nami Nishimura or “8WgUUD8” to end your relationship with Kumiko Nagahama.

Stay Out of Jail

The delivery job is a risky one as you can end up in jail. But you can cheat to go back in time and have another go at it. Right-click the screen and select “Play” from the options. You will be instantly transported from the jail cell to the club, where you will be in a conversation with Saori. Right-click again and choose “Play”; the conversation will end. Walk out of the club and attempt the job for a second time. You can use this cheat as many times as you want.

Successful Date

Right-click the screen during a date and choose the “Play” option. Click on the question that appears and your date will ask you it. Keep repeating this process and she will repeatedly ask you the same question. This means that you can figure out the best response and keep saying it. The date will go very well as the ganguro girl will be impressed with all of your answers.

Name Trick

Type "20" into the text box when you start a new game. This is the box where you would normally enter your name. Delete the space that appears before the numbers before you move on to the next page. You will get $99,999 cash, 99 of each gift, 175 strength, 175 knowledge and 175 charm.