How to Recruit on "NCAA Basketball 10"

By Steven Diggs, Jr.

Updated September 22, 2017

In "NCAA Basketball 10"'s Dynasty Mode, gamers take control of one or more of the premiere college basketball teams in the United States as they try to make them the most prestigious team to ever play. To stay on top, gamers must recruit high-school players who suit their needs. If a gamer's team has a poor recruiting class, he may find his team at the bottom of college basketball's elite.

Win games to build your reputation. It is much easier to recruit good players if you are a winning team. This is especially true if you win the NCAA basketball championship.

Look at high-school players who are already interested in you. It is extremely difficult to sign players who have no interest in your college.

Pay attention to only a handful of players. If you're following too many, you will lose focus. It is impossible to sign all of them, anyway.

Search for the type of players you need. Though the best person available for recruiting may be a point guard, you may not need a point guard. Look at the weaknesses on your team and try to fix them by recruiting players in these areas.