How to Unblock Someone From Xbox Live

By Andrea Reuter

Updated September 22, 2017

Contact a player on Xbox Live to unblock him.
i Giulio Marcocchi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Xbox Live gives you some control over your communication with other players on the online service. You can mute and unmute players at any time during online games, even if they aren't on your friend list. You can also block all communication from a player who sends you a message on Xbox Live. Initiate communication with a blocked player to take her off your block list and allow her to contact you again.

Sign in to your account on Xbox Live.

Press the guide button in the center of your Xbox controller.

Select "Friends."

Select the gamertag of the person you want to unblock from either your friend list or your list of recent players.

Send a friend request, game invite or message to the blocked player to unblock him and allow him to communicate with you on Xbox Live.


You can also contact a player through to unblock her.