How to Disable World of Warcraft Weather Effects

By Clifton Watson

Updated September 22, 2017

The weather effects in "World of Warcraft" are designed to add elements of realism and visual flair to the game's experience. The weather effects include fog, rain and storms. They can also serve to slow the game down as your computer has to render these effects as well as the rest of the game. Turning these weather effects off can free up precious processing power for older PCs or newer computers not optimized for gaming.

Press the "Esc" button to open the game's main options menu at any point during game play.

Click on "Video."

Slide the "Weather Intensity" slider all the way to the left. You can also slide the "Shadow Quality" and "Environment Detail" sliders all the way to the left for added performance boost and the further loss of weather-related details. Un-check the "Weather Shaders" option as well.

Press the "OK" button. Restart "World of Warcraft" to ensure that the game loads with your new settings.