How to Play Co-Op Campaigns in "Red Dead Redemption"

By John Johnston

Updated September 22, 2017

The action video game "Red Dead Redemption" is a western-style third-person shooter created by Rockstar that is available to play on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game allows you to work your way through the story mode completing quests, collecting items and carrying out a range of mini games. When playing single player you can choose the multiplayer option. This allows you to play with another player in co-op mode. However, you cannot do this on one console, each player must be on their own console with Internet access. You must also have the co-op download content.

Load the "Red Dead Redemption" game on your console.

Press "Start" on your console and select "Single player."

Wait for the game to load. Press "Start" on your controller and select "Multiplayer."

Select either "Xbox Live Private Match" or "PlayStation Network Private Match" depending on your console.

Press "Select" on your controller to bring up the navigation menu. Press "RB" on the Xbox 360 controller or "R1" on your PS3 controller to go to your "Friends" list. Select the friend you wish to play with and choose "Invite to game." You can invite up to three players.

Bring up the games menu with the "Select" button and select "Cooperative Missions." This will load up multiplayer missions for you to play.