How to Beat Bloody King on "Sim Girls V4"

By Kenneth Coppens

Updated September 22, 2017

In “Sim Girls V4,” your ultimate goal is to find a love partner in under 100 days, but there are other objectives to meet during the process, such as building charm, intelligence and strength. Strength plays an important role in “Sim Girls V4,” as it increases your money-earning potential and helps you win fights. A successful fight against Bloody King rewards you with a large sum of money and the Golden Belt of Street Fighting.

Earn money in City Hall until you have enough to purchase at least 20 bottles of medicine and caffeine from the mall. Each bottle of medicine costs $80, and the caffeine costs $10, so you must have at least $1,800 to purchase all the bottles. The quickest way to earn money in City Hall depends entirely on your character's statistics.

Purchase the medicine and caffeine from the mall. Navigate to the pub and start a fight with Bloody King.

Aim the mouse at Bloody King's head and hold down the “Q” button on the keyboard to hit Bloody King with four to six quick punches, which will cause him to fall down for a second or two.

Click on the medicine while Bloody King is down if he was able to cause any damage. Return the mouse to the position of Bloody King's upper body and hold down the “Q” button again. With practice, you can time it so you begin to throw punches as soon as Bloody King stands up.

Continue the process until you knock out Bloody King. Keep an eye on the energy and health gauges to ensure neither run out. Take caffeine to restore energy and medicine to restore health.


A minimum strength of 100 makes it easier to defeat Bloody King.

Use the name, “testbug,” at the beginning of the game to automatically receive 170 Strength, Charm and Intelligence points. The cheat also gives you $99,999.