What Is the Cheat to Get a Four Wheeler in "GTA 4"?

By Thomas Colbyry

Updated September 22, 2017

i Cate Gillon/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" for PlayStation 2 was the first title in Rockstar Games' acclaimed series to allow you to use vehicles such as dirt bikes and four wheelers. Many players became disappointed when it appeared initially that these off road vehicles were absent in the series' next entry, "Grand Theft Auto IV." You can indeed ride a four wheeler in "Grand Theft Auto IV" -- you just need to complete the main storyline and all side quests first.

Main Quest

Make sure you have beaten the main quest and completed all the side missions, then head to the Industrial Park in Alderney.

Enter the Park

Kill the men you see guarding the entrance to the Industrial Park. Take cover behind nearby buildings if necessary, as they are all wielding powerful sub-machine guns. Loot their bodies if you need extra ammunition and enter the complex.

Forklift Operators

Kill the forklift operators and the other guards you see outside the large main building.

Getting the Four Wheeler

Head into the main building. Here you will find the bonus four wheeler, which you can ride anywhere in the game. Return here to find a newly spawned four wheeler if yours gets damaged or destroyed.