How to Close Multiple Apps on an iPhone

by Aaron WeinUpdated September 28, 2017
Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Your iPhone's multitasking capabilities may not be evident because the phone hides the active application tray. If you have never seen this application management area, which resembles a Windows taskbar, then you likely do not know how to close your applications. Even if you do know the tray's location, Apple still requires you to perform extra steps to bring up the tray's application-closing options. Once found, however, you can instantly close multiple applications with the tap of a finger.

Tap the "Home" key and move the on-screen unlock slider to the right to unlock the iPhone, if necessary.

Tap the "Home" button quickly twice. Your currently open applications appear.

Touch and hold your finger on an open application icon.

Release your finger from the icon after the applications start moving back and forth. A "-" symbol appears on the top right side of each open application.

Touch the "-" symbol on an application you want to close. The application instantly exits. Repeat for each application you want to close.

Push the "Home" button again when you finish closing unwanted applications.


You can also force frozen programs to quit. Hold down the "Sleep" button, then release it after a red slider appears on the touchscreen. Do not touch the slider; instead, hold the "Home" button until the Home screen appears.

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