How to Cheat in Minecraft and Get a Diamond Axe

By Tim Raud

Updated September 22, 2017

"Minecraft" is an online computer game that allows players to gather resources and build any object they desire. Cheating in "Minecraft" is typically prohibited online and can get you banned or kicked from servers. However, for single player game play, using cheats to gather rare and valuable resources can be a fun way to enhance your gaming experience. To cheat in "Minecraft" and gather diamond ore for crafting, you will need a program called Cheat Engine, which allows you to edit in-game values.

Download Cheat Engine from Double click the download file to install the program.

Load "Minecraft" and begin a new single player game or load a saved game.

Load Cheat Engine and select the process "javaw.exe" or "Minecraft.exe" for the standalone version of the game.

Return to your "Minecraft" screen and gather at least three blocks of one type and place them in a quick slot space. Empty out the rest of your inventory.

Type three in the value space on the Cheat Engine window and click "Scan" to search for the values related to those resources in Step 4.

Return to "Minecraft" and drop one of the resources gathered by pressing "Q" and then start another search, typing in the number 2 in the value field and clicking scan. Fewer values should appear than in the previous search.

Pick up or drop another resource and begin another search. Repeat this step until only one value entry remains in the Cheat Engine search field.

Right click the value entry and select "Browse this memory region," which will allow you to change the values for the "Minecraft" resource.

Locate the line of code that reflects the amount of the resource you used in the previous search. Click the value and type in the new amount of the resource you want. For example, if you used three blocks of dirt as your resource you can change it to 64 to give you more dirt blocks.

Count eight spaces to the right to find the value for the resource type; click it and change it to 57 to turn the resource into Diamond Blocks.

Return to the "Minecraft" screen and use the Diamond Blocks to make a Diamond tipped axe.