How to Use a Bow on "Straw Hat Samurai"

By Kevin Bramer

Updated September 22, 2017

"Straw Hat Samurai" is a free online game that lets you use different weapons to slice up enemies with a sword and attack them from a distance with a bow. You control the sword by drawing a sword slice with the mouse while the bow controls are slightly more complicated. You'll need to learn a few controls to use the bow, but once you have that down, the bow is a very simple weapon to use.

Play through the first level until you unlock the bow. This will be after roughly five to seven fights and you will receive a message saying that it's unlocked.

Hold the "Shift" button to equip your bow. Hold the left mouse button to pull back the string on the bow.

Move the mouse up and down to aim the bow. Release the left mouse button to fire the arrow. You can also click on arrows that are on the ground to pick them up if you run out of ammunition.