How to Download Google Chrome on a PSP

By Lavonda Abney

Updated September 22, 2017

Items you will need

  • PlayStation Portable

  • PSP Chrome

  • USB cable

  • WinRAR

The Google Chrome homebrew application works on your PSP.
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PSP Chrome is a hombrew application that allows the user to run a Google Chrome browser portal directly on the PSP. This application does not require the use of custom firmware on the PSP in order to install and run. PSP Chrome v1.0 lets the user set bookmarks; use tabbed browsing or even listen to music while browsing.

Download PSP Chrome v1.0.

Connect the PSP to the computer with a USB cable. Go to the "Settings" menu, scroll to "USB" and press "X" to make a connection.

Open the "" file with WinRAR.

Highlight the "pspchrome" folder and select the "Extract To" button at the top of the window. Select the PSP drive and open the PSP folder by clicking the "+" sign. Select the "Common" folder and click "OK." This will copy the PSP Chrome files to the PSP directory.

Disconnect the PSP from the computer, go to the “Network” menu, and select "Browser." In the browser's address line type "file:/psp/common/pspchrome/index.html" and "Enter."

Select "Language" and the portal will open to start browsing.


When selecting the English language, the browser may still come up in another language. Scroll to the bottom of the page, find “” in English and click on it.