How Do I Unlock All the Hats in "Governor of Poker 2"?

By John Johnston

Updated September 22, 2017

Developed by Youda Games, "Governor of Poker 2" is an online game that allows you to play the Governor of a wild west town. You play in different cash games and tournaments to earn cash and unlock rewards. You then can use this cash to purchase businesses and property within the different towns in the game. As you work through the game you will unlock different colored hats for you to wear.

Load the "Governor of Poker 2" in your Internet browser.

Click on the "Play" button. Give your player a name, choose a gender and select one of the hat colors available at the start. Click on the "Start Game" button. Talk to the man with the exclamation mark above his head and choose the "Yes" option. You will now travel to "Amarillo."

Click on the man with the spade symbol above his head and choose "Yes." This will take you to a poker game. Win the game to earn cash. Repeat this process until you have enough money to purchase a property. Click on the dollar sign above a store. Click "Yes" to buy the store. The store will turn blue to indicate it is owned by you. Repeat this process until you have bought every building in the town. You will now have unlocked the black hat color.

Click on the "Train logo and select "Yes" to travel. This will take you to "Fort Stockton." Play the poker games in Fort Stockton and earn enough cash to purchase all of the properties. After you own them all you will have unlocked the pink hat.

Click on the train and travel to "Killeen." Repeat the process of playing poker games and purchasing all of the properties to unlock the light blue hat.

Travel to "Waco." Play all of the poker games, earn cash and then buy all of the stores and houses in the town. You will have unlocked the last unlockable hat, which is dark pink. When you start a new game you will be able to choose these hat colors for your character.