Counter Strike 1.6 Cheats Codes

By Raphael Garcia

Updated September 22, 2017

“Counter-Strike” (“CS”) is a first-person shooting video game that is an expansion to the “Half-Life” series. Players battle each other by playing as either a team of terrorists or a group of anti-terrorist soldiers out to stop them. "Counter-Strike" 1.6 was the final non-beta release in the series and featured the completed game. Players can use a variety of cheat codes to gain an advantage while playing.

Cheat Menu

You must open the cheat menu before you can input any type of code that will affect game play. Press the “~” key on your computer.” The cheat menu will open. Enter the code "cheatlevel dust” to unlock all additional codes in the game.

Movement Cheat Codes

Moving your character is very important and will save his life. Entering any of the following movement cheat codes will give you abilities that are not available under normal conditions. Input “cl_forwardspeed999” to increase your character’s speed. Enter “sv_gravity” to turn off the gravity on the current level, enabling you to jump to new heights and gain a shooting advantage over the enemies trapped below you.

Equipment Codes

“Counter-Strike” has a wide range of weapons and equipment that you can use against your opponents. Open the cheat menu and enter the following codes to access these items at any point in the game and add them to your inventory. Each code begins with the tag “giveweapon_” and you must enter the name of the weapon that you want to use. For example, enter “giveweapon_m3” to unlock the M3 super shotgun. Review the weapon listing for “CS” and use this cheat code to quickly unlock the weapon of your choice.

Other “Counter-Strike” Cheat Codes

A number of additional codes exist. To alter the look of your character use codes such as “seal” or “hostage” when the cheat menu is open. Your character will now appear as various other character types in the game. Input the code “-reload” to disable the auto reload function on the weapons of “CS.” If you use this cheat code at the right moment you can quickly attack your opponents before they have an opportunity to prepare their weapons.