Cheats to Unlock Zombie Mode on "Call of Duty: World at War Final Fronts" on the PlayStation 2

By Mike Zummo

Updated September 22, 2017

The Internet community is divided over whether there is a Zombie Mode in the PS2 game,
i Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Call of Duty: Worlds at War: Final Front" is a game made for the PlayStation 2 by Activision. Unlike other versions of the game, "Final Front" does not feature the Zombie Mode included in other "Call of Duty" games, nor does it have the online multiplayer modes many of the other "Call of Duty" games have. There is, however, a way to incorporate zombies into "Final Front."

No Zombie Mode

The game doesn't feature a Zombie Mode during regular game play as users discovered shortly after the PS2 version of this game was released. One user at asked about the presence of a Zombie Mode that was found on other versions of the game for more advance systems. He was met with a negative answer. This mode does not exist for this game.

Nazi Zombies reports there is a way to get zombies in the PS2 version of the game. However, you may not see the undead until you complete the campaigns and the game's story. After you successfully complete the game, you must go to the main menu and select to "Campaigns." Once you're on the Campaigns screen, look beyond Campaign 5 and there may be a campaign called Nazi Zombies.

No Cheat Code

There is no cheat code that will unlock the Nazi Zombie mode in the game. The only way reports to access this campaign, and see Nazi zombies in the PlayStation 2 version of "Final Front," is to play through the entire game and access the campaign after the final credits have displayed.

Not for PS2

Despite the report that there is a zombie campaign for the PS2 version of "Call of Duty: Worlds at War: Final Front," Activision does not confirm the existence of the campaign. The only YouTube videos that show a zombie campaign for "Final Front" feature either the PlayStation 3 version of the game or the Xbox version. Anyone looking for zombies on PS2 may not find them.