How to Make a PC Controller Continuously Vibrate

By Laura Jean Holton

Updated September 22, 2017

Users can make PC game controllers vibrate continuously for a relaxing massage.
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Users can make a PC game controller vibrate continuously to produce a relaxing massage behind the neck, along the back or under the foot. This is possible for a number of devices, but each require different procedures to activate the function. Gamers can access continuous vibration with the PC controller by downloading the corresponding game profile. Users can set various strengths and types of vibration, by assigning individual settings to the keys of their choice.

Enter the "Pinnacle Game Profiler" website. Under the "Downloads" menu, locate "Game Profiles."

Click on the download button for the "WinProfile Mod." Open the profile and select "Edit Configurations." Click on "New Configuration."

Press the button that will start the PC controller vibrating. Navigate to "Behavior Modifications," then "Apply Force Feedback." Select the type of vibration that this button will activate. Return to the "Behavior Modifications" menu and select "Enable as sticky."

Repeat this procedure for other buttons with other types of vibration. When you have finished, click on "Save" and close the window.

Navigate back to the "WinProfile Mod" page. Find the configuration you have now created and choose "Play" to begin using the vibration.