How to Kill the Red Caterpillars on Mario Wii

By Sophie Johnson

Updated September 22, 2017

Nintendo has offered Mario games on every gaming console it has manufactured.
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Large yellow caterpillars that turn red when angry appear in three Mario game titles for the Nintendo Wii -- Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii. The creatures are called wigglers and, in their yellow forms, are largely harmless. If you bother wigglers though, they flush with rage and begin running at Mario to cause him damage. The good news is you can destroy them.

Galaxy Games Method 1

Perform a ground pound near a red wiggler, causing the creature to flip over on its back. To ground pound, jump by pressing "A" on the Wii remote and then, while in the air, press the "Z" on the nunchuk.

Perform a ground pound on the exposed belly of the helpless caterpillar.

Collect the treasure that the wiggler throws out as it disappears.

Galaxy Games Method 2

Anger a yellow wiggler by jumping on its head if necessary.

Watch the red wiggler's movements to predict where it will be, and then stand in its path. If you take too long, it runs out of steam and reverts back to yellow.

Jump by pressing "A" on the remote and then "Z" on the nunchuk to perform a ground pound directly onto the red wiggler.

Collect the treasure.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Travel to World 5-2, the only place in the game where wigglers appear.

Move into what looks like a solid wall on the second level of platforms to enter a secret room containing a POW Block. There will be several wigglers to maneuver around and you're bound to make at least one angry. If not, jump on a wiggler's head or ground pound near one to flip it over. When it recovers, it will be angry.

Pick up the POW Block by holding down the round "1" button on the remote and then shaking the remote close to the block. Alternately, you can press and hold the "B" button on the underside of the nunchuk, and then shake the remote to pick up the block.

Toss the block toward the right by releasing the "1" or "B" button, destroying the wigglers and also releasing a star coin to the right of the hidden room that you're in.

Collect the treasures quickly, concentrating on the star coin.


Large mega-wigglers show up also in 5-2 of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, but you can't make them angry. Instead, you use them as springboards.