How to Do Hell Moves on "Naruto: The Setting Dawn"

By Lee Johnson

Updated September 22, 2017

i Comstock Images/Comstock/Getty Images

Learning to do hell moves on “Naruto: The Setting Dawn” is a good way to clear the game screen of enemies and release your character’s full potential. The game “Little Fighter 2” was modified to create “Naruto: The Setting Dawn,” which features several different characters such as Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi. Hell moves are very powerful attacks that are performed by pressing a combination of buttons. Different hell moves exist for each character on version 2.4 of the game, such as Shino’s Bug Globe and Kakashi’s Mass Kamui.

Select Shino from the “Character Selection” screen. Perform Shino’s Bug Globe attack by pressing “Defend,” “Up,” “Attack,” “Defend,” “Down,” “Jump” and then “Defend.” A swarm of insects will mercilessly dog your enemy until he is dead.

Choose Kakashi from the “Character Selection” screen. Kakashi’s hell move is called Mass Kamui. Press “Attack,” “Defend,” “Down” and “Jump” to perform this attack. Your enemies will simply be wiped off the screen.

Play as Sasuki if you wish to perform the Kirin hell move. Press “Defend,” “Up” and then “Jump.” Wait for Sasuki to perform a hand sign, but do not wait so long that Chidori is activated. Press “Defend,” “Up” and then “Attack” to finish the move. He will jump and throw some fireballs, before the stage is filled with lightning. This then expands outwards so that nobody (apart from you) is safe from the attack.

Fight as Gaara to do the Sand Imperial Funeral hell move. Press “Defend,” “Down” and “Jump,” followed by “Defend,” “Up” and “Jump” to perform this attack. Sand will rise from the floor of the level and engulf your enemy.

Select Temari from the “Character Selection” screen. Press “Defend,” “Forward” and “Attack,” wait for her to perform the Wind Sickle move, and then press “Defend,” “Up” and “Jump” to perform Wind Element: The Dragon’s Judgment. Tornado-like animations will appear and slice your enemy into submission.

Play as Deidara to do the Mass Explosives hell move. Press “Defend,” “Down,” “Jump” and then “Defend” whilst flying on the bird to perform the attack.

Select Sasori to perform the Seige of the 100 Human Puppets attack. Press “Attack,” “Defend,” “Attack” and then “Jump” to perform the attack. Assailants will appear and attack your enemy.

Fight as Sakura if you wish to do the Destruction Earth Smash hell move. Press “Defend,” “Down” and “Attack” to perform the “Cherry Blossom Impact” and then press “Defend,” “Up” and “Attack” to perform the hell move.

Choose Naruto if you wish to perform the Multi Wind Element Rasenshuriken attack. Press “Defend,” “Down,” “Jump,” “Attack,” and “Defend” to perform this attack. Multiple Narutos will appear in clouds of dust and attack your enemy.