How to Change Resolution in "Borderlands"

By Seth Amery

Updated September 22, 2017

"Borderlands" is a first-person role-playing shooter released on the Xbox 360, the Sony PlayStation 3 and the PC. Like with all games, the PC version features exclusive options to accommodate for the varying kinds of computers that try to run the game, including screen resolution. By default, "Borderlands" often starts with a mismatched resolution, so you must open the video settings to change it to the correct one.

Load "Borderlands" to the main menu.

Click "Options," the fourth option down the list.

Click "Audio/Video Settings."

Click the arrow on the bottom of the screen until you see the resolution option.

Click "Resolution" until the appropriate dimensions appear beside it. For example, if your screen is 1440 x 900, click until it says "Resolution 1440 x 900." Press "Esc" to go back and save your changes.