How to Become Anonymous in Assassin's Creed 2

By Anthony Hare

Updated September 22, 2017

Anonymity is a valuable asset for an assassin to have, especially after a public assassination or brawl in “Assassin’s Creed 2.” Many missions can only be completed when you have become anonymous. There are many ways to lower your notoriety and become anonymous. Some methods are more challenging or costly than others, but result in a larger reduction in notoriety. When the meter is clear the game indicates that you are “incognito.”

Stand next to a highlighted wanted poster and press the “Interact” button to tear it down and remove 25 percent of your notoriety. These appear on your mini-map as diamond icons that depict a poster and can be found pinned to walls.

Stand next to a herald and press the “Bribe” button to pay 500 florins and reduce your notoriety meter by 50 percent. Heralds are found in towns and talk to large groups of people. They are marked on your map with a diamond shaped icon depicting the head and shoulders of a figure.

Assassinate a corrupt official to lower your notoriety by 75 percent. Corrupt officials are marked on your map with a diamond shaped icon that depicts an eye. They can be found walking randomly through the streets of major towns.

Equip the Merdici cape in Florence and Tuscany, or the Venetian cape in Venice and Forli to keep the notoriety meter at zero in those regions.