How to Export Email From a Plesk Panel

By Robert Ceville

Updated September 28, 2017

Export your emails from within your Parallel Plesk panel interface to either a second Plesk server or to a server with no relation. Plesk is designed to offer users with varying expertise in Web development skills ways to automate and manage their Web servers smoothly and without error. Although most of Plesk's task are straightforward enough to perform without instruction, exporting emails to other severs takes some understanding of the Plesk Backup utility. Move emails in between file servers with Plesk in under five minutes.

Launch Plesk by going to "Start," "All Programs," "Parallel" and then selecting "Plesk" from the list that appears. Alternatively, double-click on the icon stored on your desktop to load the program's user interface.

Go to the taskbar at the top of Plesk's screen, choose "SWsoft" and then "Plesk." Choose "Plesk Backup" to initiate the utility application.

Click "File," "Schedule Backups" and then place a check mark in the "Enable Automatic Plesk Backups" box. Enter the times you want Plesk to automatically perform backups into the "Schedule Settings" fields.

Place check marks next to the emails you wish to export. Customize your export settings by placing check marks next to each preference you desire. Verify that both the"Back Up Mailboxes Content and Back Up Databases Content preferences have a check mark next to them, in order to back up and export emails.

Save the backup file to either your hard drive or to a server. Click "Store Backup File on Local Drive," "Browse" and then navigate to the location where you want the backup file stored to your computer's hard drive. Click "Store Backup File on FTP," "FTP Settings" and then put in the FTP server's name, directory and login information to save the backup file to a remote server instead.

Type in any information about the Plesk backup file consisting of emails into the Description field. Press "Start" to begin exporting the email out of Plesk and onto either your computer's hard drive or onto a server.

Click "OK" to verify that the backup was completed successfully when the dialog box appears after the export. The onscreen message will indicate the results of the backup it just performed, and any possible errors, as well.


Click "Detail" to be directed to more information regarding the reason if the backup results screen indicates that the backup could not be properly completed.